How it Works

36 Month Loans is a user-friendly loan arranger website. We are a one stop destination for all those people who are looking for a loan with extended repayment term by the most reputed lender. With our matchless services you will find it easy to get hold of the tailor-made financial solution that fit your requirements perfectly.

How we work?

We are a reliable, smart and advanced loan matching service provider, based in US. It is really very easy and hassle free process to avail our services. Our entire application procedure is 100% online. We are closely associated with all reputed lenders of US who offer varied number of best long term financial solutions that can help you to fix your unexpected financial problems with ease. We work as intermediaries that bridges gap between you and the lender. We are not a lender or loan provider and thus we cannot make any credit decisions. We offer our services at absolutely free of cost with no processing fee charge and no other obligations involve.

How to get started with 36 Month Loans?

It is really very easy to get started with us. A simple and short online application form is what you need to fill in with the necessary details and submit it. The form is free from processing fee charge and puts no obligation on you. Lenders will process your loan application form and you will be directly contacted regarding loan approval in no time.

Who are eligible?

To prove your eligibility you must be attaining minimum age of eighteen years, having valid active bank account, doing regular job in a good firm, earning fixed monthly income and also having citizenship of US.

Can bad credit holders also apply?

At 36 Month Loans we do not conduct any credit checking process. We allow good as well as bad credit holders to apply with us and fill in our application form without any obligation or restriction. But lenders who will process your loan application will definitely perform credit checks and will also verify your details before approving your loan. It is not necessary that everyone gets approved for the loan. If a loan will not match to your particular needs then this will lead of non-approval of a loan. Also, inaccurate or wrong information may result in rejection of your loan application. So, you must always make sure to provide your correct information to us.

What happens if I get approved?

Once you get approved for the loan, lenders will directly transfer desired funds to your bank account. You can then use approved funds to cater small urgent cash expenses on time. We treat each application individually and work really fast to help you to get over with unexpected fiscal discrepancies as soon as possible. Come to us any time and get hold on the most favorable loan deal of your choice with best rates and terms in a hassle free way!

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